BM : Notis Perlindungan Data Peribadi

Date of Notice : 1 July 2022


  1. This Personal Data Protection Notice (“Notice”) is issued pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (“Act”) and for the purpose of this Notice, "Personal Data" shall have the meaning as ascribed to it under the Act.
  1. We recognize the importance of maintaining the privacy, security and accuracy of Personal Data in accordance with applicable privacy legislation, consistent with our responsibilities and applicable law. We are committed to ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of Personal Data relating to you, our customers/employees and our potential customers/employees.
  1. This Notice applies to the persons governed under the Act and serves to inform you how your Personal Data is controlled, processed and/or used by Sri Al-Amin Bangi Sdn. Bhd. (“SAAB”), a Company that manages two (2) schools namely Sekolah Menengah and Sekolah Rendah Sri Al-Amin Bangi.
  1. For the purpose of this Notice, Personal Data includes data collected and to be collected before and after issuance of this Notice.
  1. This notice is issued in accordance with the Act to all individuals who voluntarily submit Personal Data to SAAB for the stated purposes.



  1. Individuals involved in the collection of Personal Data include parents, children (children under the age of 18 with the permission of parents/guardians) and SAAB employees.
  1. Personal data we collect from you according to individual needs is included :
    • Personal identification: name, identity card/passport, gender, citizenship, date of birth, age, race, marital status and/or academic/study qualification.
    • Other personal details: home address, email, telephone number, level of health/illness, involvement in community activities, bank account number and other details required and submitted to us from time to time.
    • Occupation/employment: name of employer, address of employer, position, telephone number of employer, income and work experience (for job application)



  1. Personal Data is collected directly from you when you :
    • Make an application for admission of your child to secondary or primary schools with supporting documents through the SAAB website: www.alaminbangi.edu.my ,
    • Apply for a job as a teacher or non-teaching employee with supporting documents through advertisements on the website: www.alaminbangi.edu.my ,
    • Participate in any form of a survey, program/activity, or competition at the school or organized by a third party or
    • When entering the school premises for any business within the school area.
  1. Personal data is collected through manual registration forms or digitally through the website or through other virtual forms that are deemed appropriate.



We collect your Personal Data for the following purposes :

  1. Process your application for admission of your children to secondary or primary school according to the quota and vacancies available.
  1. Provide important information or notices from the school regarding any changes in policies, rules, programs or activities that directly involve you or your child (if a student).
  1. Conduct any form of research or survey from the school or from the authorities or relevant third parties.
  1. Conduct statistical analysis when necessary from time to time.
  1. Communicate the latest developments of students to parents through appropriate communication channels.
  1. To complete any survey or collection of information from the authorities allowed under the provisions of the Act.
  1. Share with third parties for the welfare of students/employees.
  1. Allow the school to contact you for any of the above purposes or any other purpose permitted in the Act via email, regular mail, short messaging service (SMS), WhatApps messages or any other appropriate communication channel.
  1. Process job applications to fill vacancies in SAAB based on current vacancies.



We process your Personal Data only within Malaysia. No Personal Data will be transferred outside Malaysia.



We may disclose your Personal Data:

  1. Ministry Of Education Malaysia (MOE)
  2. Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor (JAIS), Majlis Agama Islam Selangor (MAIS) atau Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM)
  3. The bank for the purpose of payment of employee's salary or any form of confirmation with the consent and notification of the employee (SAAB’s employee)
  4. A third party that is bound by cooperation (MOU) or appointed by the company/school to manage or provide certain services on behalf of the company/school :
    1. UKM Kesihatan panel clinic or other panel clinic appointed after this notice or any clinic registered with the MOH for any medical purpose or medical takaful claim of students or employees
    2. Takaful company that manages the takaful of students or employees
    3. Certified external auditors who are appointed by the company
    4. The company that manages the specific assessment and evaluation systems required by the school
    5. Ikram Musleh who provides the syllabus and the dinniah assessment system
    6. Other parties deemed necessary and appointed after this notice
  5. If necessary and beneficial, your Personal Data may be disclosed to any other third parties including but not limited to professional bodies, training institutions, financial institutions, statutory bodies, agencies, authorities, government bodies and/or not the government
  6. We will ensure that your personal data is only shared with parties who are trusted to protect your interests and your Personal Data with appropriate security measures.
  7. We will ensure that Personal Data submitted to third parties not specified for the above purposes is with your prior consent.



We take the following security measures to protect your Personal Data :

  1. Ensure that your personal data is stored properly in accordance with the requirements of Act.
  2. Ensure that our employees do not misuse your personal data.
  3. All reasonable efforts and practical steps are made to ensure that any Personal Data held by SAAB is protected against any loss, misuse, modification, unauthorized or accidental access or disclosure, alteration or destruction.

However, you are responsible for maintaining the password properly and not disclosing it to others to avoid the risk of intrusion into your Personal Data.



Your Personal Data will be retained by SAAB :

  1. If it has been physically submitted (hard copy), it will be kept as long as your child is still attending this school and will be handed over to you after finishing school
  2. If submitted in digital form, it will be stored in the school system for a maximum of 15 years before being disposed of from the system.

For any rejected application :

  1. Your personal data that has been physically submitted (hard copy) will be disposed of within 3 to 6 months from the date the application is rejected
  2. You have the right to reclaim all personal data and documents that have been physically submitted during the application by completing the Document Return Application Form and submitting it to us via “contact us” information.
  3. Personal data for applications that have been submitted in digital form will be retained for up to 15 years.



  1. When you submit your application, you are required to submit your Personal Data to us on a voluntary basis and you consent for us to collect, process, use, store or limit the processing of your Personal Data for any of the purposes set out above
  1. You may at any time thereafter withdraw your consent by notifying us in writing using the contact details stated in the “Contact us” information.
  1. If you do not provide your Personal Data or if sufficient Personal Data is not provided to us when requested, it may :
  • Cause the selection process for student admission/recruitment of new employees will be affected and may allow any application to be rejected.
  • Limits our communication with you and causes you to not receive proper information from us.
  • Affects our ability to fulfill the purposes of collection of Personal Data as mentioned above.
  1. You may be able to review and update your Personal Data through a system that has been granted to you for access from time to time to avoid any interruption of communication with us.
  1. From time to time, we may request new Personal Data from you. By providing us with your Personal Data or continuing to communicate with SAAB, we will assume that you have consented to the processing of such Personal Data.
  1. SAAB reserves the right to modify, update or amend the terms of this Notice at any time by posting the updated Notice on the SAAB website at www.alaminbangi.edu.my. By continuing to communicate with us, all modifications, updates or amendments to this Notice, are deemed to have been accepted by you.
  1. This notice is provided in both English and Malay versions. In the event of any inconsistencies between the two, the English version shall prevail.



For any inquiries regarding this or other notice, you may contact us using the following information:

Email :

E-mail : srialamin@srialaminbangi.edu.my (general & fees)

E-mail (Primary School) : adminsr@alaminbangi.edu.my

E-mail (Secondary School) : adminsm@alaminbangi.edu.my

E-mail (School Data Admin) : data.alamin@alaminbangi.edu.my

Telephone :

03-8925 2454 (Finance & Fees Office)

03-8912 6840 (Human Resources Office)

03-8927 3001 (Primary School)

03-8927 3002 (Secondary School)

Address :

Sekolah Sri Al-Amin Bangi

Lot 16, Kampung Sungai Tangkas,

Taman Tropika

43000 Kajang, Selangor